Kim has over 3 decades of building industry experience, with 15 years on the builder’s side in marketing, operations and establishing partnerships with the private and public sectors. Her unique blend of imagination and analytical thinking in project management and business strategy, translated well in the design field, as she joined noteworthy teams on significant model merchandising, residential, hospitality and restaurant projects.

Applying her “Big Picture” thinking has been key when facing challenging roles as Executive Director of Operations and Director of Design Production, where she pioneered the organizational and governing guidelines for project forecasting, cost of goods and labor budgets, and planning key staff utilization for teams representing over 50 design staff members. As a Director on many Executive Teams, she has been influential in broadening business development with global builders, while directing and negotiating agreements with national and international clientele.

A seasoned leader, Kim focuses on the needs of each client and the goals of each venture. Her philosophy of treating clients, contractors and vendors like partners, has created a personalized trust when she orchestrates changing schedules, contract negotiations, purchasing power and expediting and installation of each project.

In early 2012, Kim became a founding member of with-IN design, inc., a full- service design studio, collectively creating a company with a strong commitment to
client relationships and customer service.