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"We design and merchandise beautiful and unique interiors for established builders, by creating a connection with people's dreams and lifestyle aspirations."

Jenny (Kennett) Bodem & Kim Hosking

The team at With-IN Design have over thirty years of experience in the homebuilder's industry. With broad knowledge in interior design that speaks to the lifestyle aspirations of targeted demographics, we respect the reality of sales success and key marketing strategies for commercial, new home developments, and residential homes.

We understand the importance of a strong commitment to client relationships and pride ourselves in providing a personalized design approach for each client during the creative process, Every design begins with thorough research and learning all we can about each target audience and community.

Our goal is to leave a permanent impression in the buyer experience, and we do so by creating a tailor-made partnership with our client's vision, quality, and value, resulting in achieving a competitive advantage.

  • Model Homes Design & Merchandising
  • Multi-Family Projects
  • Sales Offices/ Design Centers
  • Club Rooms/ Amenity Spaces